Boots No7 Lip Glace


Boots No7 Lip Glace

Some lip glosses provide moisture, others offer intense color, and still others make your pout pleasantly plump.  At $10 a pop, what does Boots No7 Lip Glace offer?  Glitter.

Seeing that it was my first product that I’ve tried from them, I didn’t quite know what to expect.  When the gloss arrived in the mail, I wasn’t rushing with excitement to break through the protective wrap to unveil the coveted tube of wonderful as I often do (more often that I would like to admit, but I suppose it comes with the territory).  Had I known that there would be that much glitter involved I probably wouldn’t even have ordered it, but nonetheless it was here and I had to give it a fair trial.  Side note: I did like the head of the gloss – it’s a clear cap with a clear applicator.  There was something slightly modern looking about it.  The gold neck, however, I had a different opinion about.

After struggling for a moment with the cap I squeezed a bit of the tinted clear gloss to the top and applied it to my lips.  First impression, consistency was thin, the glitter didn’t appear to be too horrendous but still very visible, and it just sort of sat on my lips instead of being absorbed which was not a pleasant feeling.  One plus was the texture was not at all sticky, which I know many women will appreciate.  However, since it was so thin the staying power simply was not there.  After about an hour I just had little specs of glitter around my mouth with no trace of this Lip Glace.

For the same price or less, there are plenty of glosses to try out in the drugstore (and $10 is just shy of some department store brands, which makes this product all the more disappointing).  This first impression gets a 2.5 on The Cos View scale, and will not be seeing my lips again.



The Cos View Rating: The Cos View Post Rating (2.5/5)


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