Fresh Minerals Loose Mineral Eye Shadow


Fresh Minerals Loose Mineral Eye Shadow

The Fresh Minerals Loose Mineral Eye Shadow was a great natural find at a drugstore price (about $6-8 a pop, depending on what site you’re on), which is always a nice combination.  Available in about 20 shades in both matte and shimmery shades,  there is likely something for every Natural Beauty.

To give this shadow a shot, I did the usual routine of primer on one eye and not the other in order to see the product for what it is and also see how it would be in normal use (because I never apply eye shadow without a base, and this goes for clients’ faces as well as my own).

While it is completely possible to do all sorts of eye looks using mineral shadows, I simply wanted a wash of color with this particular product so here’s what I did.  Using a fluffy shadow brush, I dipped the head into the product I sifted to the top portion of the pan and tapped off the excess to avoid fallout.  I first applied it to the side without primer, and the significantly shimmery shadow brightened up my eyes, making them sparkle like a disco ball.  I have no idea how they packed so much shimmer and shine into this little pot, but I did not mind it one bit.  I wouldn’t wear something like this out on a summer day (in fear of having my eyes look like the disco ball they were resembling already), but paired with a few other matte shadows I immediately imagined a plethora of looks this shadow could dazzle up.  And all of this was on the side without primer, mind you.

Thoroughly impressed already, I proceed to take another dip in the pan with my brush and apply to my primed lid.  Even more solid shimmer, and since it had a solid background to bounce off of, the shine was even more intense.  I completely understand that all of this shining will not suit everyone, so if you don’t like a lot of shimmer on the eyes stay away.

After I snapped out of the hypnotic state this shadow put me in for a few moments, I noticed its flaws as well.  But nothing a quick tip can’t fix.  These shadows do have a good amount of fallout, which is common with loose products.  With lighter colors, it’s sometimes easier to get rid of but say you’re doing a darker, heavier eye (maybe even a smokey eye).  By completing your eye look prior to applying foundation and/or concealer, you can simply take a makeup wipe and get rid of any fallout under your eyes and on your cheeks and start your base makeup with a completely clean canvas.  Works like magic, and I swear by this method.  It also is great for creating hard shadow lines on the outer corners of the eyes, if that’s ever a part of your look.

It was only until the evening that I saw the Fresh Minerals Eye Shadow fading, but it wasn’t falling onto my face (which would leave a shimmery mess), and there was no creasing so I was again impressed.  Impressed enough to give it 4 stars!



The Cos View Rating: The Cos View Post Rating (4.0/5)


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  1. Dawn says:

    I love this eyeshadow! Stumbled onto it in a Costco starter set 2 years ago and am crying because I can’t find the Moonlight (use it wet over eyeliner to pop lash line for a sparkly smoky eye) or Lunar a beautiful base color. Where did you find these in a store? Can’t find them anywhere in Oregon.

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