How to Apply Bronzer


How to apply bronzerJust like with any cosmetic product, there is a variety of ways to apply bronzer.  It may take a little while to learn how to perfectly apply it, but once you have it down pat, bronzer very well may become your new best friend.  Here’s how to apply it in a few different ways.

Warm up the Face

I know plenty of gals that simply cannot leave the house without applying bronzer.  When applied correctly, it can really give the face a healthy glow.  For a sun-kissed look, take your flat-headed bronzer brush and swoop it across the product, tapping off any excess with either your opposite hand or against the counter top.  Start on the apple of one cheek and stroke it in an upward motion, in a slight upward angle towards your temple, blending out any harsh lines.  Repeat on the other side after another quick swoop on the product.  Then, without adding any additional product to your brush, blend up from where you left off on your temple to the slight sides of your forehead and lightly hit your chin and nose with the tip of your brush.  Voilà!

Contour the Face

For those that don’t have a contouring blush, bronzer can absolutely get the job done.  Instead of applying product to the apples, forehead, etc. we are going to start in the hollow areas of the cheekbones — right below the area we want highlighted.  And instead of using the flat head of the brush, we’ll use a corner of it for a more precise application.  Give yourself a big smile in the mirror and trace the bottom of your cheeks all the way to the hairline with the brush on both sides.  Then either using a small blush brush or a buffing brush, blend away any harsh lines.  You’re now ready for highlighting and blush!  Remember when using bronzer as a contouring powder to not use one with any shimmer, avoiding looking like you put your shimmer powder in the wrong place after blending the product.

… and if neither of those is what you’re after, never be afraid to use bronzer in place of a blush, just applying it to the apples of your cheeks and blending!



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