Kevyn Aucoin The Prime Color Creme Eye Shadow


Kevyn Aucoin The Prime Color Creme Eye Shadow

I’ve see a lot of eye shadows in tubes, pots, palettes, cubes, to name a few types of packaging. The Kevyn Aucion Color Creme Eyeshadow is probably the most intriguing of them all so far!

At first glance, I thought for sure it was a lip gloss tube. The tube looks much like those for mascaras or lip glosses. It is fades from red to black and is cylindrical in shape. It has a tiny hole (smaller than one a hole puncher would make) close to the top that serves as a window that allows you peek at the color which was a nice attempt, but not a success. Now I know what you are thinking, here she goes again, but come on people, I really like to see the color of my product –especially in a drawer full of tubes and palettes while I’m shuffling around to finish getting ready. And also, a clear tube shows you how much product you have left. How practical? I like to know when I’m running low on my favorite gloss. Not to mention, when this product runs low–what will I see through the window? Nothing I assume.

I had to see how this was going to be as a shadow and how it was going to even come out. A wand, perhaps? I took the cap off and this is probably the strongest cap ever — like you need to have hulk strength to open it)! Finally after tugging aggressively, I got the cap off (side note: not a fan of such a work out when I just want to put on some eyeshadow). There was no wand. Just a clear tip that is made of soft rubbery, plastic with pin point size holes in it for the product to come through.

So then I had to do some more figuring out. This product is like a brain teaser; I felt like I was trying to solve a Rubik’s cube. After trying to turn all sorts of parts, I realized I had to turn the very bottom. So I began to turn, and I turned, and I turned and I turned. I knew I was going the right way, because you can only turn one way which means don’t turn too much because it will not be going back in, and it makes a clicking sound everytime it turns. I think I probably turned a thousand times (ok maybe not but I had to turn a lot!) until I saw product coming up the clear applicator which was my cue to slow down.

With this being a liquid shadow I was a bit apprehensive which was justified by past experiences… fear of creasing, a wet feeling on the eyelids all day long, and difficulty in maneuvering the shadow were some of my concerns. From my years of working at various counters, I know there is a following of women who are always on the search for liquid eyeshadow and are so sad when they are discountinued–not a sentiment I have ever shared. The closest thing to a liquid eyeshadow I’ve used is the MAC Paint tubes which are an eyeshadow base plus eyeshadow (they come in various shades) but even those I never used for the purpose of color–just as a primer. But let’s see…

After having applied primer, I used a synthetic brush because of the wet formula (concealer brushes would work just as well) to apply the shadow on my lid. I’m not really a fan of trying to use the strange applicators included with eye shadow so I stick with my brushes. I turned out just a little bit of the product and picked it up with my brush. It went on quite easily and almost turned into more of a powder, drying quickly. It did, although, stick where I applied it. I didn’t have much time to play with it or move it around like you do with a powder. The color was very nicely pigmented and had lots of depth–I would even say the color was comparable to the pigment shadows you can buy that are loose powders (these always give a burst of color and shimmer). There were lots of nice specks of shimmer in it, nothing too large. I was actually very pleasantly surprised by the color and how creamy it felt on the eyelids, it wasn’t a tacky or wet feeling. It felt just like a powder eyeshadow. Also, ladies a little bit of this goes a long way. Especially since it’s not as easy to move around (like a powder shadow) layer it on if you need to, starting with less. I always say its easier to add more than to take it off when you have too much!

I really didn’t expect this to last all day long and to stay in place (my pre-concieved notions about liquid shadow). But at the end of the day, when I went to wash my face I was pleasantly surprised… all in place with no creasing! So after lasting all day long, and having such great color with such little product and not to mention very creative packaging (one that I may not be able to open very easily)… I’d have to give this 4.0 stars!



The Cos View Rating: The Cos View Post Rating (4.0/5)


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  1. Wendy says:

    I recently bought this product for the first time and have had a disastrous experience!
    I couldn’t get anything to show up on the white pad after repeated attempts at turning the bottom.
    The top eventually gave way and all the gooey product fell out!
    Terrible design and I will be returning for a refund!

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