Neutrogena Mineral Sheers Loose Powder Foundation


Neutrogena Mineral Sheers Loose Powder FoundationSometimes, you get really lucky at the drugstore. The one around my house was undergoing construction, and it seemed like they wanted to liquidate their makeup aisles to save room – hence the bins of $1.99 makeup. I was rummaging through the bins like a cavewoman when I found Neutrogena Mineral Sheers – a loose powder foundation that usually goes for more than $10. I hit the gold mine of cosmetics.

A couple of things caught my eye about this product – it’s mineral makeup and has UVA/UVB sunscreen (SPF 20). I am a fanatic about face sunscreen and only buy face lotions if they have at least SPF 15 in them (although I think SPF 30 is best). I urge all women to take it seriously – it’s the number one way to prevent aging and skin cancer!

I hadn’t tried mineral makeup before, perhaps because of the mess I associate with it. However, the nice thing about this foundation is that you screw the compact open instead of opening a lid. This eliminates the mess in your purse because the loose powder is locked inside. The Neutrogena designers also included a plastic protector to be placed between the flat wide brush that comes in the compact and the powder itself. The plastic protector is engraved with a note – “I’ll keep your brush clean”. You know what, that’s really thoughtful. Thank you Neutrogena.

I dip the brush in powder that comes through the compact’s holes, and I dust off the excess. I apply the foundation to my T-zone and over my concealer. The brush feels a little rough in some swipes, but if I solely use the flat side, it’s not so bad. The brush does the job in getting the product to my face so I have no major complaints about it.

How about the coverage? It’s pretty phenomenal and gives my face a photo finish type look. My complexion looked clear and smooth – and the redness in my chin and around my nose was diminished. This is great product if you want to set your makeup, because it doesn’t set like a layer of dry cake and it added an extra watt of staying power to my makeup.

My only problem with this powder is that it didn’t control the shine on my face like the Rimmel Stay Matte powder – and the main reason why I turn to powder foundations is because I want to eliminate any oil on my face.

Regardless, this is a great product and I use it as much as I use the Rimmel powder. This one is more convenient because there’s a brush in the compact so I can pop it in my bag and not worry about bringing a powder brush.

I should also mention this Neutrogena mineral powder is teenage sister approved – it went missing from my makeup collection for a couple weeks before I found it in my 17 year old sister’s makeup bag. She’s definitely a drugstore diva in the making.

I turn to this product to pull my look together and improve my complexion all the while protecting my skin from the sun – truly a great deal, even at the regular price, but if you can find it for cheaper than $14, don’t hesitate buying it. 5 stars on The Cos View scale.



The Cos View Rating: The Cos View Post Rating (5.0/5)


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