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Revlon Makeup Eraser PenOne of the most tedious makeup looks is the liquid eyeliner on the top lid. Any woman is bound to make a mistake if she’s doing it to her own eyes and rendering herself one-eyed in the process. If I had to guess, the Revlon Makeup Eraser Pen was made for all the one-eyed women out there.

It looks like an eyeliner pen with the cap on, but when you remove the cap (with some struggle), a charcoal colored wide tip is revealed. At first I thought that it was a dry eraser, but when I purposely ruined my eye makeup (that isn’t so hard to do), I found that the tip released makeup remover when you press it against your skin. And I knew it was makeup remover from the oily feeling and slight mess it left on my eye lid.

I had applied thick eyeliner on my top lid, and wanted to thin the line out with the eraser pen. When I tried this, the pen left behind a lot of black residue on my eye lid. Also I had to dab the pen into a tissue to remove the black eyeliner that was clogging up the tip. I also had to clean the residue on my eye lid without ruining the rest of the eyeliner, which was difficult because the makeup remover in the pen was very mobile on my eyelid.

I began to think that this wasn’t working out. It wasn’t very easy to clean up big mistakes, and if I was trying to clean up even small mistakes, I had to be sure that the moist environment this pen was creating wasn’t going to ruin the rest of my look. I gave up, and decided to run the pen along my upper eye line for one last hoorah. I took my finger and swiped the makeup with my finger. I discovered that the pen had effectively removed eyeliner in the hardest spots that a makeup remover pad can’t get to, like in between our lashes or in our upper water line. That saved the show!

So maybe this pen isn’t meant to fix my mistakes, and maybe it’s better served to actually remove eye make up. I could have used this to fix lipstick, but I knew that the makeup remover in the pen would leave behind an oil that would ultimately ruin any foundation I had on.

In my opinion, I think this pen is great for removing make up in hard to reach places, and I would use it over a makeup remover pad because it’s more gentle, doesn’t tug at my eye lid, and doesn’t leave me looking like I have left over makeup on. I’ll give it 4 stars for doing a good job for something it probably wasn’t meant for.



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